Drink Black and Tan (Guinness and Firestone Walker DBA)

Black and Tan (Guinness and Firestone Walker DBA)

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20111215: [20120114]
I wrote: "Firestone Walker DBA and Guinness. This mix is alright. At times it tastes watery. Maybe because it was the bottom of the current Firestone keg. Anyways." 9:20 PM PST

In any case, both beers were on draft and I was sure I've tried all the beers I've wanted to try that were available on draft - though I haven't had the Firestone Walker DBA by itself yet.

Website Information:
dba (double barrel ale)

2011 great american beer festival gold medal (english/special bitter)

A British Pale Ale never tasted so fresh. We challenge our good friends across the pond to match this one. Can’t be done. We’ve honored the traditions of the great British Pale brewers of Burton-on-Trent using our patented Firestone Union oak barrels. You’re left with a mild blend of vanilla and toasted oak flavor touched with an elegant hint of English noble hops. DBA is the flagship of our company and wildly popular.

REMEMBER: Watch for bottled on dates located on the necks of our beers. Our beer is not pasteurized, so it is best when stored at 44F or below, out of light and within 110 days of the bottled on date...this ensures freshness and ultimately a great Firestone Walker beer!

brew notes
style: English Style Bitter / Amber Ale
abv: 5.0%
fermentation: Selectively fermented in the Firestone Union oak barrel brewing system.
malts: Premium Two-Row, Maris Otter Pale, Munich, Crystal, Chocolate
hops: Bittering—Magnum; Late Kettle—Styrian Golding, East Kent Golding; Dry Hops—East Kent Golding
availability: California / Nevada / Arizona / Washington / Oregon / Colorado ; 6 pack, 12 pack, 22 oz bottle & draft (13.3g/5.2g)

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