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Æon Flux (2005) Karyn Kusama. 93 min [loosely adapted ft animated sci-fi television series otsn (1991-1995) created by Peter Chung]
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Æon Flux (Charlize Theron)

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Æon and Trevor Goodchild

From the start of the movie, I was already under the impression it would be bad. Of course I figured at least I'd be watching about an hour of Charlize Theron. I've previously seen Theron in The Italian Job (2005), Hancock (2008), and Arrested Development. Charlize Theron is good-looking, but unfortunately that didn't prevent the movie from being bad.

Æon walks over to get herself a drink.

The action was decent and somewhat over the top. In particular, this movie had an excessive amount of tumbling. In comparison, I liked the action in The Matrix (1999) much better. I should also note that I didn't like Æon Flux's final shootout sequence.

Overall, the movie has some cool action sequences, but I think the movie has at least one serious plot holes which ruin overall story.

Sithandra (Sophie Okonedo)

Instant Comments:
Æon being a clone shouldn't have any memories of a past life. Whatever the solution, it should make sense together with Trevor and Oren coexisting alongside their younger clones.

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Watching the movie again, I retain my opinion that the movie has at least one serious plot hole. As such, my inability to accept or explain the plot hole ruins the overall experience.

Æon makes a jump for the Relicle and manages to get
a grip on one of the tails with her feet/legs.

Instant Comments:
The actress who plays Sithandra also appeared in Hotel Rwanda (2004)
I only did a cursory reading, but apparently the urgency to remove the bullet is a movie trope that dates back to how things were done in the olden days. In fact, like an arrow, its probably better to leave it until its removed surgically.

Practically just posing for the camera.

The movie uses a conversation around the 1 hour 10 minute mark to suggest that somehow the memories simply found a way to them.
At first I wondered why the Monicans were willing to sacrifice themselves for Æon. After some thought, I reasoned that Sithandra believed in whatever cause Æon was fighting for and her orders are to be followed by the team.

Æon balances cautiously as she almost finds her face pierced by
some sort of grass.

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