Movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Watched 20100617 Unrated Version (DVD)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) Nicholas Stoller. 111 min.

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This is a hilarious and great movie.

Jonah Hill's role in this movie wasn't as great as his role in Superbad (2007). In Superbad, his character was obnoxious, but has a purpose. In this movie, his character isn't as obnoxious, and serves a minor part in the plot.

With that being said, Jonah Hill's character is just a secondary character in the film and I enjoyed the film as a whole.

Instant Comments:
LOL: the way they cut to him with his penis, specially the first time the towel dropped
first person
second person: caliente
third: hi hi hi gag handcuffs
Mila Kunis
"i came here to kill you" - LOLOL
"looks like where he's going he's gonna need to know how to masturbate" haha
yoga scene was great
surf scene haha.
LOLOLOL: fucking the chess pieces
LOL: oral on webcam, pearls "if i were to sperm"
LOL: sex battle
LOL: I'm albis snow bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit
LOLOL: six draculas coming out of the woman
Haha: he's naked
You get the feeling the movie ended and Interjected with LOL: life's a bitch. And where you're going that's what you'll be. "Animal Instinct"
Credits start with main cast.
Then credits roll.
Jim Henson
Jason Segel wrote songs and movie
Filmed on location

Special Features:
Watched Gag Reel: "hello....( at his wood), LOL the fart sounds with the cereal was great, the whole gag reel altogether as good
Watched Line-o-rama: not as good as gag reel but still good.

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