Movie Batman Returns (1992)

Watched 20100116 (TV)
Watched 20100511 (Netflix, Instant)
Batman Returns (1992) Tim Burton. 126 min

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Danny DeVito plays an awesome Penguin, Michelle Pfeiffer does a crazy Catwoman (meow!), Christopher Walken did a great job too, and Michael Keaton as Batman was cool. Overall, Tim Burton's version of Batman was great.

Lol, the penguins...

I guess some things are harder to actually realize in reality than in a comic though... like Penguin's umbrella being used as a helicopter. In any case, I can't tell how Catwoman does it in the end.

Batman is rather reckless with his identity in this movie. [20151010: Well, I guess he was also a bit reckless with his identity in Batman (1989).]

The relationship between Batman and Catwoman is indeed romantic.

This movie, while not visually striking like Batman Begins (2005) or Dark Knight, has its own sort of beauty.

My favorite part about this movie is Danny DeVito as the Penguin. In particular, he's the focus of my favorite scene in the movie! If you haven't seen the movie, then I don't want to ruin the surprise. But if you have seen the movie, you can find my favorite scene blacked out below (just highlight the text to uncover it).

20100511: [20150814 Edit]
Last time I watched the movie, I caught it about 23 minutes in, when the Penguin first kidnapped Shreck. I had also missed how Catwoman became Catwoman. Apparently a lot happens in the first 23 minutes.

Furthermore, I hadn't focused on how Christopher Walken was Max Shreck until Caroline emphasized his name during the opening titles. By the way, the opening scene is great.

It took until the parents bringing the baby to the river for me to ask if we were watching Batman. Up until then it was a surprise. And yet, the movie from the very first 10 or 20 seconds screamed out, "Tim Burton!". In fact, I thought to myself myself, "Are we watching 'Corpse Bride'?" But I quickly dismissed the idea, because I could tell the movie wasn't animated. Then when you see the parents, you also get that Tim Burton feel. Haha, good ol' Tim Burton.

By the way, my favorite scene is when the Penguin bites that one dude's nose. My second favorite scene is the one with Catwoman and her whip.

I like how Bruce takes the complicated route to the Bat Cave and Alfred takes the stairs only to arrive a few seconds later. I could imagine, however, that the secret route would be handy in situations where Bruce is trapped in that specific room and needed access to the Bat Cave.

Watching the entire movie (including credits) made for a much better experience than my previous viewing (which was already a great experience). Speaking of the credits, the movie lists the cast members near the end of the credits instead of at the beginning of the credits!

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